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Investor Type
Talguard can offer a great option for high-net-worth individual investors, financial professionals and institutional investors who want to lock-in investment success. We offer a proven method and a chief investment officer who has an enviable track record.

But don’t come to us for the frenetic atmosphere of a hedge fund where values change by the hour (and taxes and charges are often disproportionately high). Instead, think about an investment environment designed to avoid risk, and that consistently works to produce returns.

Our goals are to consistently out-perform the market on a rolling 7-year basis, and make more substantial returns than the bulk of hedge funds effectively manage. Our strategy is to invest in companies that:

  • Offer long-term competitive value
  • Are strong brands with consistently growing earnings
  • Are capable of controlling costs while maintaining revenue and earnings

Above all, and we really can’t stress this too much, we are investors, not speculators. Our fund becomes the owner of companies, not pieces of paper.
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