For any investor seeking long-term, consistent returns, there are established and successful principles to follow. Most of the famous names of the investment world – those who guide multi-billion investment vehicles – know and understand these ideas, originally identified by Benjamin Graham and named ‘intelligent investment’. 

The Talguard Value Fund LP is a stock investment vehicle that offers a rigorous application of the principles of intelligent investment, together with an analytic approach to business value that makes this investment opportunity uniquely compelling. 

Our concentrated approach seeks out great companies trading at or below their intrinsic value. Our aim is not to spread our investment, but to concentrate it, in companies whose best practice approach brings solid returns and continues to do so. 

 What make us different to larger, already well-established investment vehicles is our ability to be selective, to be agile (we can go where larger funds cannot) and to have patience, seeking our success over years, rather than weeks. Because we are not compelled to seek returns in the short-term, we can be more selective in our investments too, and never compromise our principles. 

This is our model for success and it is this method that Dan Chen, our Chief Investment Officer, brings to the Talguard Value Fund.